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Our lawyers practice in all aspects of protecting your money and making you more money. We are a leading group of highly professional lawyers whose goal is to protect you, your family and your business. We aim to assure our clients that with our help it is possible to quickly and effectively resolve any issue and plan for any issue in the future.

Our Practice Areas

Our diverse practice areas all come down to one thing, we help individuals and businesses make and keep more of their money.  We help through proper business organization, tax planning and negotiation, civil suits, construction liens.

Free Business Consultation Services (“BCS”) for small business owners or future owners.  We can help with all aspects of setting up the business and financing your business as well as dealing with on-going business matters.  Make us your partner in business.  We like helping entrepreneurs because we are entrepreneurs.

12Our knowledge and understanding of small business matters is what helps you, the Client, get the most out of the representation.  Because we know what small business owners face on a daily basis, we put that experience to work for you by advising on the most economical way to handle the issue you may be facing.  

We can help you start your business by ensuring that all paperwork is properly filed, your corporate agreements are correct, and that you choose the right tax classification.  In addition, we routinely assist by advising on all other aspects of your business from dealing with customers and their issues, collections, real estate transactions, employment issues, and anything else a small business owner may face.

For small businesses and individuals alike, we assist you in getting through the issues you may face by owing backed taxes to the IRS or the local government.  We use our knowledge in business to spot a problem before it occurs if possible and help to try to prevent any further damage. But, if you are in too deep by the time you contact us, we can help you either reduce your liability, get more time to pay, or even make the debt go away as a whole in some circumstances.

Tax matters matter to us.  We can help you get out from underneath a ton of weight and help you move on with your life.   Contact attorney Phil Brecht for all of your tax related matters.  

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We understand the complexities of owning rental properties in both the commercial and residential markets, so we are here to help landlords in all aspects of ownership.  When it comes to collecting your money from tenants or how to structure the ownership of the properties, we can help.  

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Don’t get stuck trying to figure out how you are going to handle somebody’s estate once they are gone…encourage your loved one to get an estate plan done.  And, if you don’t have one, you need one so you don’t leave your loved ones a mess.  We can help you get your finances ready in case of death or incapacitation so that you are not stuck trying to figure out what to do next.

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As a contractor or a person who provides material and/or labor to a construction related project, you are entitled to be paid for those services.  When you aren’t paid, you have a right to lien the property where you provided the work.  We help you protect your money and get paid for your work.  Construction liens are an invaluable tool to try to secure your rights to payment from a POS general contractor or builder.  We can help.  Request your lien be filed here.

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